Ceradis secures growth financing and strengthens its shareholder base

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WAGENINGEN, the NETHERLANDS, April 15th, 2019

Ceradis develops and commercializes innovative, environmentally friendly crop protection products and formulations

Ceradis B.V. is pleased to announce the closing of an equity financing round of EUR 9 million (USD 10 million) by Waterman Ventures and Pymwymic, along with existing shareholder Van Herk Investments.

The proceeds of this financing will be used to commercialize its blockbuster product, CeraMax, a biofungicide effective against various diseases for a multitude of crops, which will be available on the US market from 2020. Ceradis will also advance several of its R&D products under development towards registration and commercial use, and strengthen its team.

“We are proud that our technologies and products are being validated by the market, in partnership with several of the largest global crop protection companies. We are equally proud to announce this investment, enabling us to scale further. We look forward to working with this strong group of current and new investors to realize our technologies’ potential.”

Willem-Jan Meulemeesters, Ceradis CEO

“With its versatile technologies and a very strong product pipeline, we are very excited about joining Ceradis. Ceradis has already proven that its biofungicides are as effective as today’s chemical products. Ceradis’ technologies have the same potential in other pesticide classes such as herbicides and insecticides. This company can truly have a positive impact on crop producers and consumers alike.”

Peter Rutgers, Waterman Ventures

“Consumer and regulatory pressure to use less chemicals in crop protection is getting ever stronger and Ceradis has the solutions farmers need. We as impact investors are very excited about joining Ceradis and helping farmers feed the world in a sustainable way.”

Pieter Vis, Pymwymic

About Ceradis:

Ceradis B.V. develops and commercializes innovative, environmentally friendly crop protection products and formulations. A spin-off from Wageningen University & Research (Netherlands), Ceradis has developed and patented (biological) formulation technologies that boost the efficacy of existing chemical Active Ingredients, resulting in a reduced rate of chemicals use per hectare of farmland and lower residues on the crop, making them more environment friendly. Ceradis also develops and patents biofungicides based on natural products, showing comparable efficacy as chemicals and excellent handling characteristics for the farmer. Ceradis aims at facilitating the transition to more environmentally friendly agriculture. Ceradis has four product development platforms and its first products are already being sold in many countries, in partnership with some of the world’s leading crop protection companies. For more information, visit us at www.ceradis.com.

Willem-Jan Meulemeesters,
E-mail: info@ceradis.com

About Waterman Ventures:

Waterman Ventures invests in ambitious technology companies that combine a positive impact on society with a healthy financial return. Over the last 30 years, we have been a long-term partner to many successful businesses. Our team, based in the Netherlands, shares a passion for technology and a hands-on mindset to supporting growth in our portfolio companies.


Peter Rutgers,
Investment Manager
E-mail: peter@watermanventures.nl

About Pymwymic:

Pymwymic is the “Put Your Money Where Your Meaning Is Community”, a community of impact investors, families, philanthropists and entrepreneurs. Pymwymic supports businesses making a positive impact on people and the planet, and shares its learnings through community gatherings and publications about impact investing. Its thematic sub-fund, ‘Pymwymic Healthy Ecosystems Impact Fund’, focuses on disruptive and innovative business models that restore and conserve our ecosystem. www.pymwymic.com.


Pieter Vis
Investment Manager
E-mail: pieter@pymwymic.com

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