Experienced staff

The Ceradis organization contains a unique mix of experienced staff in the fields of chemical/biological research, formulation technology, plant pathology, regulatory affairs, logistics & production and marketing & sales. The available knowledge and experience is combination with the open atmosphere within Ceradis create the perfect work environment for product innovations that create safer food and contribute to an environmentally sound agriculture.

ceradis organization
Young scientist researching vegetables with a microscope

Product development

The focus of Ceradis is and will continue to be on the product development. We want to be the preferred partner and provider of new technology in crop protection, plant nutrition and reformulation technology. Ceradis has partnerships with many multinational companies for development, production and distribution of its products in the worldwide agricultural industry.

Management team

  • Jan Stechmann
    Jan Stechmann
  • Christian Stratmann
    Christian Stratmann
  • Wilke Heijs
    Wilke Heijs Development manager
  • Willem-Jan Meulemeesters
    Willem-Jan Meulemeesters CEO

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