Ceradis Granted OMRI Listed Status for CeraFruta® Biological Fungicide

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WAGENINGEN, the NETHERLANDS (April 27, 2022) – Ceradis Crop Protection B.V., a global developer and marketer of environmentally friendly plant nutrition and crop protection solutions, has announced that its CeraFruta® post-harvest biological fungicide is now listed by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) for organic use in the U.S.

CeraFruta received its OMRI-Listed seal after completing the rigorous certification process and requirements set forth for organic crop production use.

Introduced by Ceradis in 2020, CeraFruta is a highly innovative natural anti-fungal agent for broad-spectrum control of post-harvest fruit decays including Blue mold, Gray mold, Green mold, Brown rot, and Sour rot.

CeraFruta also controls Mucor rot, a post-harvest citrus disease that currently cannot be adequately controlled by industry-standard synthetic fungicides.
CeraFruta contains the active ingredient Natamycin, a biological molecule produced by soil bacteria as a defense mechanism against fungi.

Specific to product efficacy, the active ingredient in CeraFruta demonstrates similar post-harvest disease control across a wide variety of crops compared to chemical standards, and superior disease control compared to organic alternatives.

Used widely in all major markets as a food preservative in meats, cheeses and baked goods, Natamycin has a biological profile that is safe for use in consumable food products, crops, and non-target organisms, and is therefore exempt from the requirement of a tolerance for residues in the U.S.

Jan Stechmann, Ceradis Vice President of Marketing and Sales, says CeraFruta is a superior product for protecting quality and marketability of high-value crops from post-harvest decay while exceeding established standards in food safety and pesticide handling protocol.

“We are delighted that CeraFruta has received formal OMRI status recognition,” says Stechmann, “This accreditation is an important achievement for Ceradis as we continue to bring more ‘green innovations’ to market. It also allows us to demonstrate greater levels of transparency with our grower customers, channel partners and consumers.”

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